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Gift for Openminded20:'Team Rocket used Tickle'
Jessie and Cassidy trudged through the muddy terrain leading up to the entrance to the Team Rocket HQ. Giovanni had asked to see them personally. “I wonder if we'll be getting a promotion.” Jessie fantasized. “Seeing as how he called for you as well, it's more likely we're getting fired.” Cassidy scoffed. “What was that?!” Jessie shouted and looked menacingly over to Cassidy. “Just shut up.” Cassidy said coldly as they entered the building. They walked over to the elevator where a Grunt hastily shoved them in. It seems he didn't want to keep Giovanni waiting.
The elevator doors opened and there sat Giovanni, quietly looking out his window and stroking his Persian. “You wanted to see us, boss?” Jessie stood rigidly next to Cassidy, who seemed less intimidated. “Yes...” Giovanni spoke, still p
:iconfluffle258:Fluffle258 27 8
Hilda's Tickle Torture
Hilda woke up with a sharp pain in her head,she was in an ancient room in a tomb."Ow,what happened?"The last thing that Hilda remembered was that she was exploring the Relic Castle with Professor Juniper,Cheren and Bianca,but then she got separated from the group and tried to find them and something must of hit her in the head.When she looked around the room,she was against a wall in mid air with her wrist chained to the wall,when she looked down she was bare foot."What the?What's going on?"Just then she saw two figures walking towards her,they were two member of Team Plasma,one male and one female."Team Plasma!"Hilda shouted,as she remembered seeing a group of them in the last town that she was in."Oh please,"The female member said,"Just call us Anna and Anno."The male member finished her sentence."I don't care who are!What do you want from me?"
Anno and Anna smiled at each other,"We want the final piece of the legend of Relic Castle."Hilda remembered,before Hilda and the others left
:iconlittleshing123:littleshing123 24 8
Jasmine's Tickle Torture
It's a partly sunny Wednesday afternoon in the Johto region with many white clouds in the sky showing no signs of rain what so ever. In the southeastern part of the Johto region there is a small town there and this town is known as New Bark Town where there is always a nice cool breeze blowing in the distance. Outside of the town there is a route to the west called Route 29 where there is a girl walking through a brushes of grass and then walking out of the brushes.
The girl is looking around the route and then starts walking eastward which led to New Bark Town. "I finally made it here. It took a long while but I finally made it." The girl continued walking until she was in the town and once she was in the town she stopped walking and started looking around. "Now where is his…oh that must be it over there."
The girl started walking again as she was walking towards a two story house located next to a body of water. The girl stood in front of the red door as she used her right hand
:iconthunder-bolt:Thunder-Bolt 80 26
Jenny's Tickle Torture
The evening sun was beautiful in the Kanto region in Viridian City as Officer Jenny was walking slowly back to her posting area. “I still can’t believe it took me that long to capture those criminals from stealing those items from the Poke Mart. My feet are killing me from all that running and dodgeing I have to do,” said Jenny as she opened the door to her little posting room.
She walked slowly over to her chair as Jenny sat down on it. She then took off her black heels and placed her feet outside her small window. “Ah that feels a whole lot better,” said Officer Jenny as she wiggled her toes outside. Her feet were still sweating a little after all the running she had been doing to catch those crininmals from stealing the items from the market.
Jenny laid back on her chair and she was about to doze off when she saw something pass her small post area. “That’s weird I thought I saw someone pass by my-” Jenny stood up and saw someone running into t
:iconthunder-bolt:Thunder-Bolt 73 15
Jet the tickle slave
     The young pikachu woke up with a start.  It took his eyes a minute to get used to the dim light of the room.  He could see he was in a dark stone room,  with only a few torches to keep the place lit.  Taking a look at his own position, he saw he was layed out on his back on a wodden table, his wrists and ankles held down by cold metal cuffs.  He also noticed the table was only about a foot high, though suprinsingly strong.  "W-what's going on here?" he asked as he pulled on his restraints.
      As if on cue, a wodden door to his left opened up and in walked a Mime Jr.  "I can explain that my boy," it said to him.  It was a female by the sound of the voice.  "I found you napping in a nearby field, and decided to bring you here for some 'fun', since i've never seen a Pikachu with Red fur before," she explained.
:iconpoketickler09:poketickler09 32 48
Jenny's Tickle Torture 2
It was very late at night in Viridian Forest as Officer Jenny was walking back to her home in Viridian City.
She had been chasing Team Rocket (No not Jessie, James, and Meowth) for mostly the whole day and she was tired.
“I know it’s my duty to capture criminals and place them in jail but this is too much work for me to do on my own,” thought Officer Jenny.
With every step that she made Officer Jenny would say ow every time she step because her feet were hurting a lot.
She looked up to the dark sky and saw a couple of stars and said, “Thank goodness it’s not just plain dark out here.”
Officer Jenny looked and saw that she was getting closer to the exit out of the forest as she said, “I’m almost out of the forest.”
As she entered the gate Office Jenny greeted the people that were in the gate as she waved to them and let the gate.
She was now on Route 2 of the grassy field as she continued walking. “I never did realize how long this route
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Tickle me :iconeledora:Eledora 1,174 438
Tickle Trio
Deep within the jungle lives a free-spirited jungle girl named Keeri. Every day, she and her three best friends: Treecko, Chimchar, and Snivy, would spend the day having fun and going on adventures, such as: swinging on vines, tree surfing, swimming, exploring the jungle, etc.
One morning though, Snivy, Treecko, and Chimchar decided to try a new activity they've been anxious to do.
Keeri was waking up from a good night's sleep. As she tried to sit up, she found herself bound down to the large branch of a tree.
She tried her best to struggle out, but it was no use.
"What's going on? Why am I tied down like this?" asked Keeri, still struggling.
Just a moment afterward, Treecko, Snivy, and Chimchar dropped down from the branch above and landed in front of her.
"Hey you guys, good timing! I could use a little help here," said Keeri before she attempted another struggle.
The three Pokémon just smiled at her slyly with Snivy giggling a little.
Keeri saw the looks on their faces and ceas
:icongc254:GC254 45 5
Dawn's Tickle Torture
“C’mon Dawn wake up already,” shouted Ash Ketchum as he was banging on the door to Dawn’s room in the Pokemon Center. While in the room Dawn covered her head with the pillow because she didn’t want to wake up this early in the morning. “Ash just a few more minutes,” Dawn shouted as drove deeper into her covers. “Would you forget about sleep Dawn and let’s go,” Ash shouted.
“Hey Ash what’s with the banging?” said Brock as he was coming upstairs. “Well Brock Dawn’s still in bed and we need to get going to the next town,” said Ash. “Ash don’t worry we’ll make it to the next town. BUT since we’re in this pokemon center I’m going to hang out with Nurse Joy,” said Brock as he dashed down the stairs. Ash sighed and said, “Same Brock chasing girls as always.”
Ash then turned back to the door and started banging on the door trying to get Dawn to wake up. Dawn couldn’t tak
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Using Tickle: A Pokemon X/Y Tickle Story
Luna just received her first gym badge in the Kalos region & she & her now-a-Fennak, Tails were tuckered out. After healing her Pokemon at the Pokemon center, Luna let her party out of their balls to play & exercise as she rested under a shady tree. Shadow, Luna's Lucario who was once a Riolu, noticed his trainer & sat by her.
Shadow: Do you feel okay, Luna?
Luna: yes, I'm fine. *reaches into her bag & takes out a yellow poke puff* hungry?
Shadow: no. *stomach growls*
Luna: :giggle: yes you are. ^^ c'mon, eat up.
Shadow: ...ok. *eats the poke puff from Luna's hand*
Luna: *pets shadow when he finishes* good boy. ^^
Shadow: *blushes a bit & rests against Luna's shoulder*
Soon, Rawr, Luna's Rhyhorn, came heavily trotting over. He nudged Luna's opposite shoulder a bit, asking Luna to ride him.
Luna: maybe in a bit, Rawr. I could use a bit of rest.
Rawr then thought a bit, then smiled. He nudged under Luna's arm with his horn, making Luna giggle.
Luna: hehehee! Hey, that tickles.
Rawr was n
:iconraccoontwin-3:RaccoonTwin-3 26 29
Tickle Free-For-All :iconcrayon-chewer:crayon-chewer 858 107 Tickle Fight :iconcrayon-chewer:crayon-chewer 991 115 Tickle Revenge :iconcrayon-chewer:crayon-chewer 1,261 126


001. Real Name : Patrick Smith
002. Nickname[s]: fredyspingtarplover2004
003. Zodiac Sign : cancer
004. Male Or Female : is mayonnaise a gender?
005. Elementary : Inflation Elementary
006. Middle School : Vore Middle
007. High School : Tickle High
008. Hair Color : Invisible
009. Long Or Short : longer than my dicc
010. Loud Or Quiet : mute
011. Sweats Or Jeans : neither
012. Phone Or Camera : phone
013. Health Freak : no
014. Drink Or Smoke: yes
015. Do You Have A Crush On Someone:  yes
016. Political orientation: trump
017. Piercings: yes
018. Tattoos: yes

019. Airplane : yes
020. Car Accident : yes
021. Fist Fight : yes
022. First piercing:  everywhere
023. First Best Friend : he died
024. First Instrument played: mayonnaise
025. First award: worst art
026. First Crush : my mom
027. First Language: proto-indo-european
028. First Big Vacation :  i went to Hell, Norway

029. Last Person You Talked To : Pixlel
030. Last Person You Texted : Stingy
031. Last Person You Watched : Me
032. Last Food You Ate :  some random girl
033. Last Movie You Watched : lazytown the movie 
034. Last Song You listened To : the mine song
035. Last Thing You Bought : air pump
036. Last Person You Hugged : nobody

037. Food : people
038. Drinks : air
039. Clothing : none
040. Book : tak ajnin
041. Colour: chicken
042. Flower : flowey
043: Music : music from 1400 bc
044. Movies : silent films
045. Shoes : spikes
046. Subjects : fetish class

047. [X] Kissed In The Snow
048. [X] Celebrated Halloween 
049. [X] Had Your Heart Broken
050. [X] Went Over The Minutes On Your Cell Phone
051. [X] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation 
052. [X] Came Outta The Closet
053. [X] Gotten Pregnant
054. [X] Had An Abortion
055. [X] Done Something You've Regretted
056. [X] Broke A Promise
057. [X] Kept A Secret
058. [X] Pretended To Be Happy 
059. [X] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life
060. [X] Pretended To Be Sick
061. [X] Left The Country
062. [X] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it.
063. [X] Cried Over The Silliest Thing
064. [X] Ran A Mile
065. [X] Went To The Beach
066. [X] Stayed Single

067. Eating : some girl i found in school
068. Drinking : helium xd
069. Getting Ready To : expand
070. Listening To : the last moments of the girl as she gets digested mmmmmmmmmmmmm
071. Plans For Tomorrow/Today : eating more peopel    g
072. Waiting For :  tomorrow

073. Want Kids : yes
074. Want To Get Married : yes
075. Careers in mind : yes

076. Lips Or Eyes :  both
077. Shorter Or Taller : both
078. Romantic Or Spontaneous : both
079. Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms : both
080. Sensitive Or Loud : both
081. Hookup Or Relationship : both
082. Troublemaker Or Hesitant : both

083. Lost Glasses/Contacts : no
084. Ran Away From Home : yes
085. Held A Weapon, For Self Defense : yes
086. Killed Somebody : oh yes i ate a lot of girls
087. Broken Someone's Heart : yes
088. Been Arrested : yes

090. Yourself : no
091. Miracles : no
092. Love At First Sight : no
093. Heaven : no
094. Santa Claus :no
096. Magic : no

097. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now : no
098. Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life : no
099. Do You Believe In God : no
100. Post As 100 Truths And Tag five People:no
  • Listening to: guy expoding
  • Reading: guy expoding novel
  • Watching: sonc get pergnat
  • Playing: sonic babby adventure
  • Eating: humans
  • Drinking: diper


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