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Random Favourites

The sleepy vore
You slowly woke up to the wind blowing on your face, you opened your eyes and gaze upon what you saw. You were laying on some kind of giant bed, and right in front of you, some gigantic lips, woman lips, softly separated, letting an hot breeze blow on you. The owner of these lips seemed asleep, she was breathing slowly, breathing in, then out. You got up and stood there for a few seconds, looking in the deep, warm and wet inside of the mouth. Somehow, it was fascinating. You walked toward the opening and wondered what it would look like to be inside that mouth. As you walked closer and closer of the mouth, the gigantic woman breath intensified and when you finally reached the lips, her breathes in could almost pull you inside her moist mouth. You reached her lips with your hands and softly, begun to open her mouth a little wider, just enough so you could pass in between. Then, without any further thinking, you dived in. As her lips closed behind you, your only light sourced almost disa
:iconlamb-of-vore:Lamb-of-vore 102 9
Vore :iconbrazorf82:brazorf82 338 168
Meg vore 1
                                                                     Meg vore 1
Peter Joe and the other were at the bar having a few drinks when lois came in and she was pissed.
"Peter I told you to pick up meg from school almost 3 hours ago and she still isn't home."
"Calm down lois I'm sure she fine"
He said giggleing under his breathe.
"You better hope she is for your sake oh your gonna get Peter"
She said storming out of the drunkin clam.
Meg had been waiting for Peter for hours but got tired of waiting and decided to walk home.
"I can't belive he didn't pick me up again God"
She said red in the face.
As she walking she passed a store called a
:iconvore223:Vore223 61 1
Pokemon: Misty Vore
Pokemon Vore: A mighty Misty meal.
It was a quiet day in Cerulean City, and in the Cerulean Gym all was quiet as well until
there was a loud deafening *GULP* in the empty gym. The gym leader Misty was sitting by
the Gym's pool having just swallowed a giant meal named Ash, a boy who owed her a bike
for ages after he destroied her's and even after it was replaced Misty still wasn't to
pleased with him and so she invited him over to her gym where she ambushed and swallowed
him alive and whole. Misty's belly was huge and squirming with him inside it's bloated
form. *GROAN* *GURGLE* *KLORP* "Ahhh! That was a refreshing snack." Misty said licking
her lips and her fingers. "Consider your debt about the bike officially paid. We're square
now. I'll admit to you that the real reason I followed you around was because I always
thought you looked good enough to eat but never had the courage to actually eat you. But
thing's have changed." Misty said patting her gigantic belly and it sounded like a b
:iconmangavore:Mangavore 216 54
Arcanine Soft vore '2'
"Hello dear, would you like to but a lava cookie, its only 300$". "Excuse me Ma-am I'm sorry but this area is closed to civilians you'll have to move on" says a man in uniform. "Some kids been reported missing in the woods, Hang on do you have a permit to sell here?" "Ooh sorry dear" says the old woman "look at the time I've got an appointment at the dentist" The old woman suddenly breaks in to a sprint and darts of in to the bushes "Hey Wait" yells the man "you don't have permission to be up here" He signals to two other watchmen "You two, with me" he commands the three men make pursuit after the old woman.
Meanwhile you wake to find yourself still in the stomach of the Arcanine although you could guess that it was now asleep due to absence of movement apart from heavy breathing. Your eyes had slightly adjusted to the dark and you could see the gently pulsating walls lazily contracting and relaxing in response to the breathing. You can feel that you are sitting in about two inches of
:iconpopgoesthebuizel:PopGoesTheBuizel 172 216
Dragon Vore
Dragon Vore
Raikan flew through the air above the forest. His beautiful green scales shining in the midday sun and his gigantic wingspan nearly blocking out the sun, casting a somewhat discouraging shadow on the grounded woodland creatures below.
"What a gorgeous day" he thought to himself.
Then suddenly his large gut began to rumble, a noise that drove the birds flying near him into a panic. Raikan lifted his reptilian paw to his belly.
"haha, maybe a lil breakfast is in order."
He looked down towards the dense woodland, and the lakes. Then he spied a clearing, in the middle of which was a little black sleeping dragonling. Raikan licked his lips and reared his head then flew straight and true towards that clearing. He landed just above the dragonling, trapping it between his massive paws.
   The dragonling awoke with a start as the ground shook as Raikan landed. It was dazed and confused but then it's look of confusion turned to fear, as it realised the massive salivati
:icondkarndezolus:DkarnDezolus 141 217
Kingdom Hearts Naga Vore
Sora was not entirely sure how he'd ended up inside the belly of a giant man-snake. He certainly hadn't woken up that day planning to be naga chow. No, the day had started out fairly normally- he got up, cleaned himself up, got dressed, ate breakfast, avoided his mother and thus chores, and went to see Kairi.
Kairi was Sora's very best friend, and thinking about how he'd never see her again made his heart hurt, even with what had happened. When he'd gotten to the mayor's house- Kairi was the mayor's daughter- she'd just finished baking a pie. She had one piece, and he had seven. When he was done stuffing himself with delicious, gooey pie, he'd let out a loud burp. Kairi hadn't liked that at all.
"Ew. You're so gross." She wrinkled her nose at him.
"What? It's a compliment," he grinned boyishly, rubbing his over-full stomach. "Thanks, Kairi."
"Whatever," she'd muttered, and she kicked him out of the house. She did that a lot, so Sora hadn't really thought anything of it. He set off back
:iconkhvorefan2:khvorefan2 281 89
Serperior soft vore
Serperior waited in the the branches in an over hanging tree, trying to blend in with the greenery. She had been practicing this technique for weeks and finally she had perfected it now it was only a matter of time until an unsuspecting victim walked underneath. She hadn't eaten for days and was just waiting for the right moment.
You walked along the quiet path with the sun beaming down on your face. Suddenly the Serperior loosens its grip on the branches and drops swiftly onto your shoulders like a coil of rope loosely around your neck. Startled you fall to the ground and as the Serperior tightens its coils around your body. You start to struggle, not that it is of any use.
The Serperior is surprised he was just hoping to catch a Zigzagoon or something not a whole trainer. "But a meal is a meal" she thinks to her self. You wince as she slowly opens her gargantuan maw and unleashes wave after wave of hot, stale breath onto your face. The Serperior wastes no time in shifting your head n
:iconpopgoesthebuizel:PopGoesTheBuizel 203 186
Arcanine Soft vore
"Hello Dear would you like to buy a lava Cookie It's only $300". "No" You Groan "Look, You Ask Me This Every Time I Come Up Here, And No-one Would Pay $300 For A Biscuit". The Hike up mount chimney had not been an easy one but now you were at the top the view was magnificent. Suddenly the old woman walks up behind you again "Hello Dear would you like to buy a lava Cookie It's only $300" "NO" you yell "LEAVE ME ALONE"
"OK now lets see what you can catch up here" You say to your self. You walk down a grassy verge and in to the ash coated forest. after about 5 minuets of walking you come across a Growlith "Ah" you say "now lets see", the Growlith see's you and darts away in two the bushes, "hey" you call "Get back here". you chase after it.
It is surprisingly nimble and after about 10 minutes of running you accept it as the one that got away. You bring out your Pokedex to get your bearings "Darn" you say "where the hell am I?" Suddenly an Arcanine emerges out from the bushes and begins to
:iconpopgoesthebuizel:PopGoesTheBuizel 207 163
Vore Community Statistics
If you do not know what vore is, please read this essay: On Vore
I became curious and decided to conduct some surveys asking for information on members of the vore community. I got about three dozen responses, and these are the results (all respondents have an appreciation for vore; please remember this is a very small demographic in a community of hundreds of thousands of people and is likely not accurate on a large scale):
54% are male.
46% are female.
56% are heterosexual, about half are male and half female.
11% are bisexual, the majority being female.
33% are asexual, about half are male and half female.
0% are homosexual (which would more than likely change with an increased demographic.)
64% are past teenage years, about half above the age of twenty-five.
36% are <i>
:iconde-vore:De-Vore 48 87
ABAKOO (to be vore or not to be vore) :iconphation:phation 757 67
Ninetales vore
Ninetales! :D
Yes a ninetales vore. Seeing as how a lot of people love ninetales vore. I'm making this! ENJOY!
Our story begins with a young child. Named Henry. (Yes that's my name. Deal with it. I like first person) I was about 7 years old. I liked to wander constantly and went out on my own alot. I stayed at an orphanage with no memory of what happened to my parents. I wandered off yet again today. But this time something unusual would happen...
I had just woken up. It was about 7:00AM. I was tired and hungry. So I got up and went outside my small cramped as hell room through the window and headed towards a nearby diner. I ordered my usual and when finished. I headed off to a nearby forest to explore. I walked through it feeling happy seeing that no one else was here. I walked thriough to a nearby sheltered galde where I found a nice place to rest. I laid down and slept for a bit under a tree in the sheltered glade...
Three hours later...
I woke up seeing a ninetales in front of me.
:icontavin-forchune:Tavin-Forchune 163 331
On Vore
I have uploaded new essays on vore:
Premature Birth = Vore Love?
Vore Community Statistics
Hate in the Vore Community
    Welcome to my essay on the very diverse and unusual subject of vore. If you are reading this out of curiosity or to learn more about vore, then you've come to the right place. If you are here because you do not understand vore, then I would encourage you to read the entire essay, as you will likely learn quite a bit. Regardless of how you found the essay or your reason for reading, I would love to hear your feedback, so please feel free to post a comment - after you have read the essay in it's entirety.
    Well, first off, what exactly is vore? At its barest mi
:iconde-vore:De-Vore 503 737
Lip inflation :iconunevenguy:UnevenGuy 530 47 :Commission: Model Inflation Page1 :iconallymoodyneko:AllyMoodyNeko 995 24
A family inflation Part 1
This a piece on non erotic fiction, and it does involve body inflation. in particular the Belly. This the first a few in a series and there will be more to come. If you do not like or care for body inflation and is disturbing to you....... you have been warned and should not read this then.
      Finally, Leslie was asleep. The remains of dinner was put away, the kitchen and counter top was clean, the dog was quiet and Bills dinner was in the fridge. Lisa could finally relax, and tonight she knew just what she wanted to do to unwind and relax. She double checked the house, every door was locked, the outside lights were on and as she moved through the house she turned off the inside lights.
     She checked on Leslie one more time to make sure her four year old was asleep, and thought to herself she couldn't wait until her daughter was in school and she would have more time on her hands, and the house to herself. Not that she wanted
:iconfulla-hotair:fulla-hotair 183 5


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